Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free Google Play Store for HTC Android Apps

How to get Google play store on HTC,

We have many ways to get into google play store but the best option on how to get on this are 3 steps on how to do that in good way and secure way to avoid malware ,viruses to you're smartphone windows mobile phone.
HTC Smartphone has access in Google Play Store, Choose your'e free HTC Google Playstore in any of this smartphone applications.

To get  HTC Android Apps from Google Play-store accept the popup and then download the random application, then restart your smartphone.

Safest way and recommended, 
Applicable steps on how to get HTC Google play store,
  1. First you need to update you're Google Music, Google Books, Google Movies  installed on your devices.
  2. Go to your'e mobile setting menu ,Go to your'e smartphone application , then hit manage application, and click all top tab. Next scroll and clear the cache data , Open Android market, then accept Google play terms of conditions, The last thing smartphone application will auto update itself. Next to second installation steps of free Google Play Store for HTC, you need to restart your'e windows mobile phone to see the android market not Google Play Store.
  3. Download the APK from Google Play Store.

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